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With all of the new drugs, technology, and money available in American "healthcare" today, one would think that we are getting healthier. The disturbing reality however is that we are getting sicker and sicker as a culture.


But I Feel Great!

Heart disease and Cancer are the two leading disease killers today taking the lives of over 1.4 million people combined. Children are now developing "adult" onset diseases like Type II Diabetes, and the middle-aged population is now developing Alzheimer's in their 40's. What is most concerning about our current situation is that our "healthcare" system that is in place to supposedly keep us health, is actually killing us faster. Over 998,000 people every year die as result of entering into our health care system. Properly prescribed prescription drugs kill over 106,000 people alone. While our Medical model healthcare system is fabulous in a crisis to save your life it is failing miserably at increasing any amount of health in Americans.

The sad fact and major reason our health is plummeting, is because many Americans don't know what health TRULY is. Most Americans judge their health simply by how they FEEL. Many also live by the myth mentality, "If it's not broke don't fix it". However, I'm sure you have heard of someone who felt fine but died of Cancer or a Heart Attack? So based upon these two profound examples, health is obviously NOT how you feel. So if you want to achieve health wouldn't it start by knowing what health is?


The definition of health is 100% healing and function. The one organ that controls this is the Brain and Spinal Cord, or the Central Nervous System. The brain uses the spinal cord and nerves to send healing messages to every organ and cell in your body. As long as there is no interference to this communication, you can heal and function at 100%. Anything less than 100% is a body building sickness and disease.


What would happen if we cut off the messages from the brain to your organs and body? Yes, the organs and body would malfunction, which I'm sure you can imagine would not be a good thing. When this problem occurs in the spine, the diagnosis is called Subluxation. When your spine has Subluxation, one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and creates pressure, stretching, or irritation to spinal nerves or the spine cord itself.


Medical research has proven that Subluxation shuts down your organ function and healing potential over time. This will cause your body to build sickness and cause your quantity and quality of life to be drastically reduced. Wouldn't you want to know if this was happening you or your family?


Like Cancer and Heart Disease, Subluxation is SILENT most of the time. Until enough time has passed that your body builds enough sickness and disease to create a symptom. Hopefully by that time, it's not too late. The only way to know if you have Subluxation is to get checked by a Chiropractor. A check up includes a complete health history, consultation with the doctor, state of the art thermography to detect nerve irritation and inflammation, postural analysis and if necessary Chiropractic spinal digital x-rays. If found in time, our office utilizes Corrective Chiropractic Care to restore the normal position of the spine, allowing your body to restore itself back to TRUE HEALTH and function.

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"Observational study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care."
-New England Journal of Medicine

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