ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD represents one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. Children diagnosed with ADHD experience trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors, and harnessing an excess of energy.

The CDC estimates that 11% of American children (ages 4-17) struggle with an attention disorder. Boys are almost twice as likely to be affected than girls. Doctors also claim numbers currently sit at a 42% increase in cases over the last 12 years. Children afflicted from this diagnosis typically act before they think, have trouble focusing, and struggle to sit still. A child’s ability to focus, concentrate, learn and retain information becomes more challenging than other kids their age. This results in lowered performance in school and the inability to perform normal tasks both in school and at home. Most parents of ADHD children constantly research and seek minimally invasive solutions to help their child live, learn, and grow like other kids. Fear and guilt consistently invade the minds of parents with children suffering from ADHD. Chiropractic offers a proven strategy where others have failed. 

Research published in 2010 observed a clear connection between a Chiropractic adjustment and brain function. The adjustment led to improved brain and body coordination. This study serves as one of many studies linking a Chiropractic adjustment to improved brain function in children and adults. A Chiropractic adjustment restores balance to the nervous system. Children and adults experience more control and calmness, a greater ability to focus on tasks, and increased mastery of normal function.

The powerful capacity of the brain controls all performance. Chiropractic adjustments increase movement within specific misaligned areas of the spine, stimulating the brain for calmness and pain reduction. Chiropractic care offers a life-changing solution for many parents of children with ADHD. Chiropractic adjustments deliver results for many people suffering from attention disorders when other solutions fail to address the underlying causes. Adjustments target overall system health which improves function. Behavior modifications and lifestyle changes prove more effective as a result.

The science and research behind a Chiropractic adjustment’s ability to improve brain function continues to grow in evidence. Enhancing the capacity and function of the brain and nervous system empowers the body to operate at optimum performance. That goal inevitably resolves and heals symptoms that range from an inability to focus to poor physical health. People of all ages deserve to experience unlocked potential through the power of Chiropractic.


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