Chiropractic turns 124 years old on September 18th. The first Chiropractic adjustment took place in Davenport, Iowa, back in 1895. That first adjustment resulted in hearing restoration. A deaf janitor received adjustments by the founder of chiropractic and eventually experienced a life changing outcome. Chiropractors across the world built upon that early foundation to develop science and research designed to help men, women, and children from all walks of life get and stay well.


Proper alignment and movement of the spine influences the entire body because an intimate relationship between the brain and central nervous system. New technology and specific testing drives greater understanding of the value of a Chiropractic adjustment. Spinal care serves as a proactive form of health care designed to maintain and boost health in advance of pain or adverse symptoms. Autonomic functions of the entire body improve through better alignment and adjustments to the spine. All Chiropractic patients experience autonomic nervous system benefits from an adjustment. Examples of symptom changes directly tied to chiropractic include improved heart rate, sleep, breathing, digestion, immunity, fertility, and many others.


Research published in August of 2019 in the reputable Spine Medical Journal explained the neurophysiological effects of an adjustment for not only pain relief but also for people without pain or symptoms. The study showed that those who were adjusted experienced significant autonomic nervous system improvements which affects both visceral organs as well as endocrine hormones. Many people remain unaware of the incredible benefits available through a proactive investment in musculoskeletal care. Waiting for symptoms of pain and disease equates to waiting for cavities to form before brushing. People deserve a better form of health care.


Chiropractors began transforming lives 124 years ago. Every Doctor of Chiropractic holds a patent to the life changing benefits stored in the influence of an adjustment. Less than 100,000 Doctors of Chiropractic possess the knowledge, skill, and capability to deliver a precise adjustment which unlocks health and function to a society of millions of people badly in need of healthcare practices with low risks and high rewards. Chiropractic remains as revolutionary today as those first days in 1895. Chiropractors look forward to honoring and observing each passing year with a steadfast commitment to teach and inspire all people to seek optimal health delivered through a partnership with Chiropractic care. 


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