Evidence proves that Chiropractic benefits long term wellness. Research shows that regular Chiropractic care improves the health and longevity of the spine, diminishes the risk of joint degeneration, increases mobility, and boosts overall function of the body by reducing stress from the brain and central nervous system. Conventional thinking typically paints the benefits of Chiropractic into the corner of pain relief. Alleviating pain does manifest as a side effect of Chiropractic care but only as a subsidiary product of focusing on health, function, and performance within the spine and nervous system.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress from the central nervous system by improving mobility and alignment in the spine. The spine's intimate relationship with the nervous system connects many aspects of health, function, and performance. Chiropractors specifically test for misaligned or abnormally moving segments of the spine.  These areas of concern experience harmful alterations or impingements through physical, chemical, or emotional stress. 

Many people describe the physical sensation of stress as a weight resting at the base of the neck, between the shoulders, or in the low back. These examples represent how emotional stress influences the muscles and bones of the spine. Physically stressful events such as sleeping wrong, poor posture, or sports injuries also assault the body's spine and nervous system. Chiropractors address the cause of the problem instead of simply masking the symptoms.

Chiropractors focus not only on physical correction within the body through a series of adjustments and possible lifestyle modifications and rehab, but also on long term maintenance and wellness. The dual emphasis on correction and sustained health makes Chiropractic a successful and unique alternative to pharmaceutical interventions which focus only on masking (but not fixing) physical problems. Maintenance Chiropractic care provides an essential and empowering part of the wellness process. People pursuing long term performance and functionality know they posses the power to proactively pursue optimal health rather than act reactively to physical eventualities. Research shows that a lack of alignment and mobility in the spine leads to a more rapid progression of spinal degeneration, muscle weakness, atrophy, and fatty deposition in specific muscle groups. 

Wellness chiropractic care mirrors changing oil in a car, brushing teeth, exercising, weeding the garden, updating a computer, or improving car axle alignment. The quality and quantity of life for a car, computer, human body, garden, or tires directly depends on proactive treatment and maintenance. The spine operates no differently. Chiropractors recommend monthly check ups and adjustments to maximize performance and health. Research proves that Chiropractic benefits the health, well-being, and longevity of the spine, nervous system and body. Every parent, child, and family member deserve to function at a greater capacity through regular Chiropractic care. 

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