Opioids act on receptors in the brain. Signals sent to opioid receptors block pain and lead to feelings of euphoria. Different types of opioids vary in form (i.e. powder, tar, pill, liquid), potency, duration of effects, manner of production, and potential for addiction.


Fentanyl, morphine, and heroin represent the most popular form of opioids prescribed before 1999. These forms of opioids use required injection, thus limiting the availability and audience to which these dangerous drugs were subject through prescriptions. A new initiative developed in 2001 alleged to help doctors better treat pain. The Joint Commission rolled out a set of Pain Management Standards to help grow the idea of pain as a fifth vital sign. The plan required healthcare providers to ask every patient about their pain due to the questionable perception that pain was being under-treated. Many questioned this new change and realized that a few pharmaceutical companies were connected to the shift in guidelines in a play to make money a part of the agenda. 


The U.S. experienced a surge in opioid prescriptions since 2001. A subsequent increase in overdoses and deaths tied to these painkillers also traces back to 2001. The deadly storm of opioid harm continues to ravage virtually every community in America as more and more families are impacted. Opioid addiction comes in overt forms with drug abusers and as a hidden shame to the thousands silently controlled by their need for pain medications. The treatment of pain demands a revolutionary turnaround in order to minimize the devastation which these addictive opioid drugs created. Chiropractors play a major part in combating the deaths, addictions, and ugly implications of opioid narcotics.


Chiropractic provides a safe and alternative solution for pain sufferers. Chiropractic adjustments do not cure or treat pain. The purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment revolves around improving alignment and mobility in the spine. Better spinal movement and alignment improves function throughout the entire body through better central nervous system communication. The spine intimately connects to the brain and central nervous system. Altered alignment and movement of a spinal vertebra produces nervous system distress and interference in the autonomic nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments relieve pain and improve function by restoring proper motion and alignment to the spine to effectively close down the nerve pathways for pain. Chiropractors help patients achieve pain relief, better health, and greater well-being without the use of drugs or surgery. People no longer need to rely on unnecessary narcotics or invasive procedures. Chiropractic continues to play a vital role in caring for those in pain while maximizing performance for men, women, and children of all ages. A life free from pain and addiction starts with Chiropractic.


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