The benefits from a Chiropractic adjustment go well beyond back and neck pain relief. Clinical evidence and patient results over the past 124 years suggest that Chiropractic care uniquely influences whole body function by addressing critical spinal health. The relationship between the spine and the central nervous system link Chiropractic adjustments to improvements in many aspects of health, function, and human performance. The benefits reach far beyond helping adults with back or neck pain. Kids, adults, and the elderly all utilize regular Chiropractic care for a variety of purposes.


A recent study surveyed a large population of adults who utilized Chiropractic care. The 2017 study looked predominantly at the reasons why most patients begin Chiropractic care and the unique secondary results reported as a result of the spine’s far reaching ability to influence the health of the entire body. People certainly know they can trust Chiropractic care to help alleviate pain in the back and neck; however, over 40% of people surveyed sought care for general wellness or disease prevention. Others pursued improved energy or enhanced athletic performance. Still others wanted to improve immune function or boost memory and concentration capacity. The results spoke volumes about how better education continues to increase societal understanding of just how powerful and effective the influence of Chiropractic care can be.


The study also determined that Chiropractic helped patients who wanted to exercise more regularly, eat healthier, cut back or stop smoking, and cut back or stop drinking alcohol. Chiropractic improved overall health and provided relief for 67% of patients that reported. Another 42% of patients reported benefits with sleep, 40% experienced reduction in stress levels, 38% felt at greater ease with their plan to deal with health problems, and 27% felt more confident in their emotional health. Perhaps the most interesting statistic drew attention to a societal demand for genuine health care rather than the medical model of sick care. 62% of people surveyed reported that they were drawn to Chiropractic because of a desire to proactively pursue long term health by treating the cause of disease rather than the symptoms. Another 38% reported a desire for a health care option free from drugs and invasive procedures.


Reports of chronic pain, diseases and medicinal reliance makes Chiropractic more relevant than ever. People consume varied regimens of pills, drugs, and vitamins and endure the cost and side effects associated with each individual choice. Chiropractic in pill form would be the greatest health improving additive of them all. Chiropractic does not come as a pill but does come with some incredible side effects, including improved function and better autonomic nervous system activity. Some patients experience slight soreness due to tissue stretching and healing, yet that side effect pales in comparison to the litany of dangerous side effects listed by drug manufacturers.


The first adjustment occurred in 1895 and opened the door to better health for people from every walk of life in any stage of life. Chiropractic offers better health and the proactive maximization of life and performance.

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